iFlight Defender 20 O3 Sub250 Whoop (ELRS 2.4ghz)


SKU: C014642

Material Code: C014642

Brand: iFlight

  • Palm-sized
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to repair
  • DJI O3 Air Unit pre-installed
  • 2.4ghz ELRS Receiver built-in
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iFlight Defender 20 O3 Sub250 Whoop (DJI)

The iFlight Defender series offers a better flying experience and better performance with the next big step forward in technology. Let's move forward now and meet the Defender 20. The new Defender has set a new standard for FPV drones with its integrated All-In-One design and very easy-to-use interface. The quick-release battery and charging adapter have been improved to work with Type C fast charging and battery storage mode. This makes everything as simple as possible. With a one-button power switch and an RGB light that can be programmed, we can be both stylish and useful.


Please keep in mind that this quad only works with a 2.4GHz ELRS radio as it comes with a separate receiver.

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